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What Is A Sound Bath?

A sound bath is a form of sound therapy where the gong and other instruments are played in a therapeutic way to bring relaxation and healing.

(The term gong bath means that you are bathed in sound waves.)

It is a simple yet profound way to connect with the core of our being and tune our body at the cellular level through the gentleness of its resonance.

photo credit : @Brenna Duncan

“Sound will be the medicine of the future”

– Edgar Cayce

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Sound baths (Live Streams)

Experience the powerful nourishing effects of sound vibrations comfortably from your home.

Yoga and Sound baths (In person)

Nurturing and grounding experiences, which will combine the transformative practice of Yoga with the deeply relaxing sound of the Gongs and other instruments.

Sound baths (In person)

Deeply relaxing sound meditations, which will take you on a journey with healing vibrations, leaving you rested and rejuvenated.

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